What spy gadgets (real or imagined) do you wish you had in life? The Quest for Better Data<br/> In an attempt to better understand the impact of macroeconomic trends on their business and improve their ability to plan, finance executives at Houghton Mifflin Harcourt decided last year to cast a wider net to include not only more people, but also more data in their budgeting process. As the nearly 200-year-old conglomerate struggled to determine the impact of the recession on its venerable textbook-publishing business, &quot;We realized that our current tools weren&#39;t what we needed to help us understand how bad it could get,&quot; says Hazel Hughes, senior vice president of finance and business control at the company&#39;s K-12 division. The finance department had traditionally relied on historical data, textbook-adoption calendars, and pipeline information from the sales force to construct its budgets. But by early 2009, it needed to look outside the business for clues about its future. &quot;We needed to find out more about how our customers were being impacted [by the recession],&quot; says Hughes. &quot;They were missing billions of dollars in tax receipts and they were still trying to educate kids.&quot;<br/> We have policies to save animals, however we have forgotten the human and create the atmosphere of having no cash at any time. Why are we so selfish? Are these promises? We love dogs, We will leave last testament of 30$ for the upkeep of the cats, but we are taxed daily by rail, bus, burgers, name it and we are now obese, but refuse to believe this.<br/> I thank you Firozali A.Mulla<br/>

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